National Pavilion of the Sultanate of Oman


Artists & Curator

For this inaugural participation in Venice, Oman will present a dynamic multimedia display by Omani artists, nominated by the Ministry of Culture Sports and Youth. This ensemble of prolific artists represent three generations of ground-breaking Omani art. Their multimedia display at the Oman Pavilion will include sculpture, installation and collage, representing a dynamic intergenerational dialogue exploring Oman’s modern and historical art movements.

Raiya Al Rawahi


One of the leaders of the current generation of Omani artists was self-taught sound installation artist Raiya Rawahi. Her influences come from a multitude of sources, ranging from philosophy to medicine, and her 2015 sound installation was awarded first prize for the inaugural Stal Gallery Young Emerging Artist Prize. Rawahi described her practice as, ‘Sounds and objects used to represent a journey from indoctrination to scepticism to enlightenment.’


Raiya Rawahi’s work mainly consists of documenting and repositioning daily objects accompanied by her visceral soundtracks. Her particular interest lies in the discrepancies we live with, the tensions and peaceful harmonies of our daily existence. A leading curator and artist of the young generation of Omani artists, Rawahi tragically passed away in 2018. This important participation in Venice will display some of her final works.