National Pavilion of the Sultanate of Oman



The Oman Pavilion Venice Biennale 2022 Internship programme presents an opportunity for students and young professionals to spend two months in Venice assisting with The Oman Pavilion exhibition at the 59th International Art Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia from 23rd April to 27th November 2022.

The Two Month Journey
The selected Interns will be provided:

Deadline for application is February 17th 2022.


How to Apply

All fields on the Application form below need to be completed in full. Applications cannot be submitted if there are missing fields.

Should you experience any issues with submission of your application, please submit your application manually to email address

Applicants should be:

– Omani Nationals aged 20 – 35.
– Valid passport
– Graduate of Bachelor of Arts, Architecture and/or other related majors such as; Communications, Design, History of Art, Visual Arts, Architecture, Philosophy, Politics, Humanities, International Affairs etc.
– Motivation: Strong interest in / desire to pursue a career in Arts
– Speak and read English and Arabic fluently.
– Good communication and social skills, flexibility, a hard working attitude, can use your initiative, a respectful and welcoming demeanour.
– Available to travel for up to 60 days.
– Interns will be sent to Venice in groups of 2 people, on a 60-day rotation from April.
– Costs covered by the Internship Programme include Schengen visa, return ticket to Venice (economy), travel insurance, 2 x PCR Tests, shared accommodation and Per Diem.
– Interns should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to travel. Preference given to COVID Vaccines approved in the EU.
– Interns will be required to attend mandatory training sessions prior to their departure. Failure to participate in training will result in termination from the program.





    Cover Letter file: Please include Three Key Points:

    1.  – Why are you applying?
    2.  – What do you hope to achieve during your time in Venice?
    3.  – How do you hope to contribute to the art scene in Oman following your experience in Venice?

    Interns are expected to be available for the 7 month period of the Biennale and to commit to full-time availability for the 2 month period they have been allocated to for the Oman Pavilion Internship Programme and to be present for duty at the Oman Pavilion during Venice Biennale 2022 opening hours. Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm.

    1. I accept the Oman Pavilion internship, which has been awarded to me by The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and understand the following:


    a) MOCYS will not pay me for my internship; all expenses, including the cost of travel, personal insurance, visa costs, accommodation, as well as daily per diem, will be covered by MOCYS.


    b) I am personally responsible for providing all relevant details and personal information in order for the Intern Manager to obtain the necessary visas and for arranging my travel to and from Venice.


    c) I possess adequate medical insurance for the duration of the internship.


    d) While working at the Oman Pavilion, I will not be considered an official staff member. However, I understand that I am expected to fulfil my working obligations and will follow the working hours of the Venice Biennale.


    e) MOCYS/La Biennale accepts no responsibility for costs arising from injury, illness or death that has occurred during my internship; I will provide proof of my enrolment in a health insurance plan that covers the full period of the internship at the duty station and provide a medical certificate of good health prior to the commencement of the internship.


    f) I will provide notice to the Intern Manager of any illness or other unavoidable circumstances that might prevent me from attending work or completing my internship.


    g) I will complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the internship and submit it to MOCYS.


    h) There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship.


    i) Unsatisfactory performance may lead to the termination of the internship at the initiative of MOCYS/The Intern Manager, subject to an appropriate notice period of at least one week.


    j) In case of personal emergency, I shall be granted an early termination of internship. MOCYS shall approve the release at the request of my Intern Manager and confirm the new end date in


    k) MOCYS bears no responsibility for loss or damage to my personal property that may occur during my internship.


    2. I undertake the following obligations with respect to the Oman Pavilion Internship Programme:


    a) To observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of the Oman Pavilion Internship Programme


    b) To refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the Oman Pavilion / MOCYS and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the Oman Pavilion/MOCYS.


    c) To provide immediate written notice of illness or other circumstances which might prevent me from completing the internship.


    d) To return my identification/access pass to my Intern Manager on the last day of the internship.


    3. Failure to comply with the requirements contained in the present Internship Agreement, including any serious breach of the duties and obligations may result in the immediate termination by MOCYS.


    4. An internship may be terminated or its period reduced at any time by MOCYS if this is deemed to be in the interests of either MOCYS, The Oman Pavilion or the intern.